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Art Classes Boyle Roscommon Ireland

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>Educated and passionate Abstract Art Tutoring

>1:1 Tutoring

>Group Tutoring

>Therapeutic painting

Skills will include: Activation of canvas, Finding your inner voice,  Painting in Monochrome, Composition, Using colour light to effect, Markmaking Techniques, Creating Textures, Simple Educated Colour Theory, Systems and Replication, Extensive Knowledge of working in a Gallery System.

My students would be on a major path to self discovery and journey with a simple way of working to maximise effect. I will save you money and time offering knowledge of materials.


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                   Dale VN Marshall Activating a large canvas with charcoal.

The Freedom of self expression... Are the teachings for you?

What I offer is a unique experience. Since the age of 13 I first practiced graffiti and continued until the age of 25 when I was hit with a life changing transformation. It was here that I was reborn after being incarcerated in a mental institution in the South West of England all because of my love for painting the streets of Bath and Bristol. I used art as the ultimate recovery tool and went on to further education completing a BA with Honours in Fine Art at Coventry University and to then being awarded a scholarship to study Abstract Art in one of LA's finest art institutions on their Master of Fine Arts program where I thrived and was once again reborn , spending 70,000 GBP in the education process over a 4 year period from 2009-2013.

What I am offering is unique. Much of my education was un-warranted and for those who has been through this process will agree. Tutors (can) spend much time trying to condition you to be like someone else. What I offer is the case to actually BE YOURSELF and teaching a few key fundamental rules to train you to be brilliant and show you the pathway of development. 

The key fundamental rules are:

Believing in yourself and having your own voice through your personal subconscious and intuition

Understanding a simple educated colour structure

Space and composition

Mark making techniques

Varied mixed media materials as a language

Key ways of creating texture and bringing your works to breathe as an object rather than a flat surface.

I have lived an incredible life, a life that has faced death to which I was reborn, I've had to face my personal fears and it's art that has got me through and has been the most important part of my journey and I believe that I have the tools to help you to do this too, to reborn yourself. To find yourself, fill an empty void, and find the part of the jigsaw that has been missing in a few easy steps. it's about allowing and believing in yourself through the freedom of self expression - Dale VN Marshall

"I say go and see that work , its very powerful work and it may bring something up inside of you". Feedback from Walls with Wounds on the video below... Check it out..

Rock n Roll Painting

Sign up for details on this brand new class. Where Yoga meets Drawing and Painting! No need for any painting experience, this is a fun class! Venue to be based at Keep the fire Burning, The Market Yard, Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland.  Working in  monochrome. 

First taught in Los Angeles California 


Speed Painting Los Angeles California, building up layers in oil paint, wet in wet painting .... Lets Go! Go, Go, Go!